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Art inspired by the outdoors


Art inspired by adventure


Art inspired by joy

My art tells the story of place.

It tells the story of a spring mountain bike ride, warm in the sun and cold in the shade. It’s the story of getting caught in a thunderstorm in the Wind Rivers, racing to find a tent space as clouds loom over the ridge. My paintings hold the joy of watching the night sky in southern Utah as the smell of sagebrush drifts on a warm breeze.

I use my paintbrush to hold on to memories of time spent outside. Every painting is based on an outdoor adventure of mine, from a stroll around the neighborhood park to multi-day wilderness trips.


My paintings hold the love and joy I feel when I'm outside.

Moody Skies WEB RES 72 (4 of 6).jpg

I am a self taught artist


I dabbled with acrylics in college and loved it, but pursued a career in science and education, and I didn't start painting regularly until 2018. I was considering different grad programs related to teaching (only half heartedly, I'll admit, but that's a story for another time), and one of them required a studio art class as a prerequisite. I signed up for a watercolor class, and that was that. It was as though a switch flipped in my brain, and I haven't stopped painting since.

Watercolor and acrylic are my favorite media, and I occasionally add ink and gouache as accents. Watercolor is unpredictable and moves with a mind of its own, making for dynamic skies, while acrylic adds boldness and contrast.

I paint in a wide variety of styles and love challenging myself to try new things.

From the Pacific Northwest to Salt Lake City

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and stayed in western Washington for college, where I graduated with a BS in Environmental Science.


In 2014, I hiked 1300 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail with my husband. I've also backpacked and hiked in the Wind Rivers, Cascades, Olympics, Uintas and many other ranges.

In 2016, my husband and I started a new adventure and moved to Salt Lake City, Utah.


I now work from my home studio in Salt Lake, and I find inspiration in the hills and mountains around me. Whenever I can, I love to go outside and spend time in the mountains and desert.

My art brings me so much joy, and I hope it does the same for you. I hope you can find your stories reflected in my art and find the same peace, exhilaration, and wonder I feel.

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