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Welcome, I'm so glad you're here!


I'm Erin, and I'm a watercolor and acrylic artist based in Salt Lake City, Utah. I paint the stories from my adventures. Sometimes those adventures are multi-day hikes in the wilderness; sometimes they’re an evening stroll to the local park.

I love the rich oranges and dusty greens of southern Utah. I love the swirling gray of a summer thunderstorm in the Uintas. I love the deep green stillness of the Pacific Northwest in winter.

Mountains, deserts, deep forests- wherever I am, nature inspires my art.




Summer hikes in the Uintas, deep winter strolls in the Pacific Northwest, backpacking trips in the Wind Rivers- they all inspire my paintings.

I use painting as a way to preserve my memories. Each painting is of a moment on an adventure, and as I paint, I relive the trip in my mind. The smell of the earth, the crisp wind, the hot sun, who I’m with, what I’m feeling- it’s all preserved as I paint.


Each painting has a story behind it. Some are grand and epic, some are small and sweet. There is more to each painting than meets the eye: they’re a journal, a chronicle of my time spent outside.

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