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I'm so glad you stopped by. I'm Erin, and I live and work in Salt Lake City, Utah.

A lifelong love of nature and wilderness inspires my art, leading me to paint the landscapes around me. My work encompasses the wild places that make up my shifting concept of "home". Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, home meant steep mountains, rainy days, and evergreen forests; when I moved to Utah, home grew to include the desert, hot summers, and new mountain ranges. Even as I have fallen in love with my new home, my affection for the place I used to live continues to grow. This collection of work represents those feelings of having a home in two places and the new adventures I have found near and far from home, wherever it may be.

I work primarily in watercolor, with ink and gouache as accents. Every painting is of a place I have hiked to, some many years ago and others more recently. Whether they are near or far, each place holds great significance to me.

When I'm not painting, I love to hike and bike in Utah's mountains and deserts with my husband.